How to Drive In the Winter Weather

For many people around the country, winter weather has started to hit, and with it comes the need for more cautious driving on the roads. Whether youâ

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What Should You Be Doing Immediately Following a Car Accident?

When disaster strikes and a dreaded situation occurs, how do you think you will react? You’d like to think that you’ll handle crisis, injury, and

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Deer Season: What You Need to Know for Safe Driving

Who doesn’t enjoy fall? Cooling weather, carving pumpkins, picking apples and – befuddled deer trotting into traffic. Whether you are driving

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Car Tips for Road Trips

Nothing matches the fun and excitement of a summer road trip. You have mapped out your route and all of your stops, figured out where you will stay an

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Trained Professionals – What Our Certifications Mean to You

At Turk’s Collision Center we want you to feel confident in our trained technicians. With our highly qualified and experienced technicians, we can g

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What Kind of Collision Damage Needs Repair?

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 6,296,000 police-reported motor vehicle crashes in 2015. Seat belts s

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