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Tips for Finding an Auto Body Shop to Repair Your Car

Very little disrupts your daily rhythm, like a sudden need for auto body repairs. Unlike engine or other strictly mechanical issues, you may be techni

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car crash damaged frame

Damaged Frame? Here’s What To Do

Was it a small fender bender or the kind of low-speed collision that winds up worse than it seemed? It doesn’t take much to total a car, especia

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A dent in the rear passenger side door

Repairing a Dent on Your Car

Getting a dent in your car is one of the most annoying experiences, especially when it is your newly purchased car or truck. Unfortunately, even for c

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A woman on the phone looking at a sratch on the back of a car

Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car

Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car Little else irks the diligent car owner like a “small” scratch on their pride and joy. Trying to mak

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Hail damage on the hood of a car

Fixing Car Hail Damage

Hail can damage a vehicle when left out in the open during a bad storm. While Mother Nature is unpredictable, most people do not park their cars in en

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Close-up of a car tire driving in snow

Benefits & Disadvantages of Snow Tires

If you live somewhere that sees significant snowfall throughout the winter season, you may have given some thought to winter tires. Winter tires, some

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