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Shuttle Service During Car Repair

To make the repair process as convenient as possible, Turk’s Collision in Peoria, IL, provides customers with a shuttle service to get to and from the shop while their vehicle is being repaired. This service is available to customers who do not have a way to get to the shop or who prefer not to leave their vehicle there overnight. When the repair work is completed, we will bring the vehicle to you. This service is just one of the many ways that Turk’s Collision in Peoria, IL, goes above and beyond to make the repair process as convenient and stress-free as possible for their customers.

What Is a Shuttle Service?

At Turk’s Collision, we provide the fastest possible cycle times, far exceeding that of the competition. We don’t want our customers to be even temporarily inconvenienced. Our shuttle service provides customers with free courtesy rides while they wait for their car’s bodywork to be completed to their highest expectations. It’s a no-cost way of keeping our customers going for the brief time they don’t have access to their cars.

Shuttle rides are just one way Turk’s Collision accommodates our customers’ short-term transportation needs. Even the most extensive bodywork doesn’t need to disrupt our client’s schedules, and with transportation, customers are able to conduct their daily business almost as easily as before.

When you’re having auto-body work done, our complimentary transportation service goes a long way to ensuring you don’t need to uproot your day. Our friendly and punctual shuttle drivers are here to help you smoothly through your temporary loss in personal transportation.

We Won’t Leave You Stranded

We provide the fastest turnarounds in Illinois, and we know losing access to your car is a major inconvenience. Even a temporary loss of transportation can be highly unsettling when you rely on your vehicle to fulfill your daily routine. We understand that losing access to your car can be highly disruptive, which is why our shuttle service is here to help you continue your daily routine. Turk’s Collision goes the distance on your behalf, providing a courtesy shuttle service to get you where you need to go.

We’ll conveniently drop you off at your place of work, school, or other destination. You’ll then be able to go about your day like nothing unusual is happening. Afterward, our shuttle will return to pick you up. We then take you back to our East Peoria shop, where your like-new ride will be waiting for you.

Benefits of the Turk’s Collision Shuttle Service

Auto repair of any kind can be more than a little unsettling, but much of the stress goes down when you’re confident your daily needs are still covered. While your car is being serviced by Turk’s Collision’s experienced auto-body specialists, our shuttle services allow you to continue on with your day with minimal interruption. It also helps you maintain as much self-sufficiency as possible without arranging subpar alternatives.

Rather than ask a friend or family member to help you do errands or lose time waiting on public transportation, our auto-body shop can keep you going. For many of our customers, it’s often the difference between a same-day pick-up vs. keeping their vehicle overnight.

It’s also more efficient than waiting for someone to pick you up, whether a loved one, the bus, or an Uber. Further, you won’t incur added expense, knowing that you’re in good hands while the transportation you already have is being expertly attended to.

Choose Turk’s Collision for Quality Service and Peace of Mind

With Turk’s Collision’s shuttle service, you can maintain your daily routine without worrying about transportation, ensuring a stress-free auto-body shop experience. After our fast, expert body repairs, you’ll likely hardly remember anything out of the ordinary ever happened. With Turk Collision’s leading-edge equipment and top certifications, our quality of work is just as high as it is efficient.

As Illinois’ premier auto-body shop, you can be sure of the most dependable body-repair service. We also provide lifetime warranties and simplify payments with direct insurance billing. Call Turk’s Collision today to learn more and book an appointment at our convenient location on North Main Street in East Peoria, Illinois.

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