Our Certifications

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At Turk’s Collision Center we want you to feel confident in our trained technicians. With our highly qualified and experienced technicians, we can guarantee that you will be happy with the results of your repairs. Quick turn-around times, a shuttle, and a lifetime warranty are all offered, when you work with Turk’s Collision. Our trained professionals have three certificates to prove it.

I-CAR Gold status

The I-CAR Gold status is only awarded to only 10% of collision repair shops. What this award means, is that our technicians have had up-to-date experiences with new and old cars. Ultimately, this helps them know the proper safety precautions within each make and model. When you bring your vehicle to our Gold Class shop, you can be confident our technicians have been trained on:
How and where to look for hidden damage that you may not see
What can be safely repaired and what needs to be replaced
How to inspect and repair air bags and seat belts
Current vehicle technologies and repair techniques

ASE Certified Technicians

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a non-profit organization, certifies the competence of individual technicians in all major technical areas, including collision repair. ASE certified technicians can work in all aspects of the car industry, due to their extensive and up-to-date knowledge. It’s highly recommended for technicians to become certified, because it shows that they understand the newer models and safety precautions that come with them. The ASE Certification test requires two years of on-site training, or one year training and a two-year degree in automotive repair. Two out of every three people who take the test pass on their first attempt. It’s a challenging, yet rewarding achievement. ASE certification recipients are required to take the test every five years to ensure their knowledge on current technologies and practices is sound.

CCC Pathways Certified Estimators

You need high-quality workmanship, fast turnarounds, and excellent service when your ride isn’t looking its finest (and all the more after a collision). At Turk’s Collision, we make it easy to restore your car’s exterior and restore it as closely as possible to its original factory condition.


To prove it, we put our certifications front and center, giving our customers a level of assurance that they’re receiving the highest-quality body repairs and support services in the greater Chicagoland area. For maximum certainty that your vehicle’s in the best of hands, be sure you depend only on fully certified auto body repair services.


Certified Technicians Build Trust

At Turk’s Collision, we take our trade seriously. Our highly trained auto body repair specialists wield leading industry credentials to ensure customers receive the finest service while maintaining our shop operations to the highest industry standards.


We’ve put in the extra effort and hold several top certifications especially suited for auto body repair and technical competencies through I-CAR and ASE What exactly do these credentials certify, and how do they impact the customer experience?


I-CAR Gold Status

The Inter-Industry Conference of Auto Collision Repairs (or I-CAR) compiles a vast wealth of auto-body repair knowledge and training resources. Their Gold Status certification draws from numerous fields and techniques, including:


  • The most effective damage assessment & risk reduction methods
  • Up-to-date insurance estimates & claims processes
  • Refined office management and business performance practices
  • The latest welding, finishing, and other repair technologies

All these considerations are made with the ultimate benefit of the customer in mind.


For example, to receive Gold Status certification, all structural repair technicians must undertake I-CAR’s collision repair training, and over 50% of a company’s non-structural technicians, finishers, and insurance estimators must receive I-CAR’s insurance training. When entrusting their vehicle to us, customers receive nothing less than the finest technical skills and industry competency.


ASE Certified Technicians

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications are some of the most widely trusted benchmarks for high-quality automotive repair, and that applies equally to collision repair.


Regulatory requirements for an ASE certificate require either two years of professional training or a two-year automotive repair degree with one year of professional experience. The candidate is then eligible to take one of 40 ASE certification tests, covering the most relevant sub-specialty for the technician.


Exactly which automotive certification your collision repair professional has is always an important question. Our ASE-certified technicians have fulfilled all requirements to take and pass the ASE collision repair test, indicating an industry-recognized sub-specialty for collision and auto body repairs.


How to Find the Best Collision Repair Services in East Peoria

When your trusty car, truck, or SUV is on the line, it’s important to settle for nothing less than top-rated certifications in both the physical repair work and administrative procedures involved. Turk’s Collision hits every mark at our state-of-the-art auto body shop, where we hone facility operations with quality management checks in place with a highly competent staff of true industry leaders.


Trust the Certified Collision Repair Experts at Turk’s Collision

Turk’s Collision’s certifications run the gamut from technical expertise and industry-specific workmanship to high-tech communications and networking processes. The result is non-stop service from the most trustworthy collision repair workshop anywhere in the greater Chicago area.


If you have any questions about our certifications or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us, and tell our trained staff about your auto body repair needs today.

Founded in 1980, the CCC provides technicians with softwares. Certified Collateral Corporation softwares are for our customers to easily and efficiently make claims on their cars. The database holds information about millions of cars so we can seek out the best solution for you! All in all, the CCC is here to keep you safe and technicians up to date!

Turk’s Collision is here to keep you safe! Our trained professionals will guide you through the process and accommodate to your needs! For more information about our trained professionals and their certificates visit our website at  https://turkscollision.com/  or give us a call at (309) 694-2905!