How to Avoid Overheating Your Car This Summer

While you get ready to hit the road this summer, keep your vehicle in top performance by avoiding an overheated engine. High temperatures, long road t

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Wiping Winter Off Your Car

Spring has sprung here in Peoria. With it comes the desire to jump in your car, roll down the windows and go for a drive. Perhaps you have noticed tha

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Driving Tips for Severe Weather

Like many parts of the country, Illinois gets its fair share of extreme weather events. Unlike many parts of the country, however, extreme weather run

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Insurance Claims: Step-by-Step

Car accidents can be a traumatic event.  For many people, that experience is compounded by complicated insurance claims.  Here’s what you need to

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Be Prepared For Winter Driving Emergencies

Winter can be beautiful. When you’re on the road, dangerous road conditions can occur quickly. Whether it’s a winter storm, freezing temperatures,

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Sleeping at the Wheel

It is 1:30am and you are on your way home from your cousin’s New Year’s party. The heat in your car is cranked because it is freezing outside, and

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