Car Bumper Fix

At Turks Collision Center, we provide the best bumper repair services in East Peoria. While fender-benders are inventible, we understand they can be highly inconvenient. We are committed to making each bumper fix a quick and painless experience. Our hassle-free mobile service in East Peoria saves you the hassle of driving around with a damaged car. 

A member of our team will drive to you anywhere in East Peoria, IL, while we fix your damaged bumper. Our team can handle the job in under three hours, from minor bumper damages to including scratches, dents, cracks, punctures, and holes. Besides bumper repair, we offer bumper replacement services when your bumper sustains extensive damage. 

You can count on Turks Collision Center for reliable bumper repair in East Peoria. We offer quick turnaround, vehicle pickup and delivery, shuttle services, and a lifetime warranty on all repairs. Learn more about our bumper repair services

Seamless Bumper Repairs

A glaring reminder is the last thing you need after getting into a car accident. At Turks Collision Center, our bumper repair services will restore your car to its previous condition without a trace of the damage. 

Besides repairing the damage, we give each bumper a seamless finish. We pride ourselves in our superior car painting technology and ability to match each paint your car’s original color flawlessly. 

We use best-in-class PPG paints for each paint repair job we undertake in the East Peoria, IL 61611 area code. This line of paints guarantees a perfect blend with your car’s original color. 

Our skillful technicians use your vehicle’s VIN to identify its exact paint color. They will custom blend the color to ensure 100% match with zero color variation. 

Our innovative approach ensures the new coat of paint flows and blends seamlessly with the surrounding areas. Once the paint dries, the repaired section perfectly matches the rest of your bumper. It is impossible to tell whether the bumper sustained damage and was repaired. 

With Turks Collision Center, your car will never suffer the embarrassment of a splotchy and discolored bumper. Our paint repair jobs are professionally done and devoid of patchy or uneven colorations. 

Superior bumper technology enables us to offer onsite bumper repairs. Our technician can bring paintless and standard bumper repair services to your doorstep thanks to our convenient mobile station. 

Learn more about our onsite paintless bumper repair services

Typical Areas that May Need to Be Repaired

The bumper on your car is designed to absorb impact from low-speed collisions. They protect you, your vehicle, and passengers from severe damage. Depending on the collision force, the bumper might bend or crumple while the rest of the frame remains intact. 

At first, it might appear that only the bumper was damaged, but a professional inspection might reveal additional damage. Depending on your traveling speed, certain collisions could damage your car’s impact-absorbing material. Front-end collisions may potentially lead to potential transmission and engine damage. 

At Turks Collision Center, we look beyond the visible bumper damage to determine if it’s a simple bumper fix or if your car needs additional repairs. We offer the best hassle-free mobile bumper service in East Peoria.

Typical Areas That May Be Damaged

Some parts of your vehicle that are more likely to sustain damage during a bumper collision include: 

  • Lights: Turn indicators, fog lights, and decorative lights wired into a bumper are susceptible to collision damage. They must be disconnected, replaced, or reinstalled during the bumper repair process. 
  • Trim and molding: Components of the car’s trim and molding may sustain damage. Our technicians will remove, repair, or replace the damaged trim items. 
  • Caution systems: Contemporary bumpers are laden with safety components, including video cameras, backup sensing units, lane-change caution sensors, vehicle sensing units, etc. 
  • Airbag sensors: Some bumpers are equipped with airbag release sensing units. It’s a standard safety procedure to remove and replace damaged sensors. 
  • Air intakes: Some car models are equipped with a cold-air intake on the front bumper to help cool the engine. 

Bumper Repair Experts You Can Trust

We take pride in providing premium bumper repair services in Peoria, Illinois. We cherish the motoring community in East Peoria and strive to provide you with exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. 

Our certified, highly trained technicians boast extensive bumper repair experience and undergo regular advanced training to hone their skills. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, and we stand by every repair job we undertake. All our bumper repair services come with a lifetime guarantee for the ultimate peace of mind. 

Need a quick, reliable bumper fix in East Peoria? Contact us today for fast and professional bumper repair service!  

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