How Accountability Can Help You Change Your Life

How important is it to be accountable?  Very important, especially if you are a leader in the industry – you are the example and you set the tone for your company.  If you have problems learning to be accountable, coaching can help you to develop these skills and it truly will change your life.  Here are some behaviors that show that you are accountable:

  • Be accessible and willing to listen to suggestions/ideas
  • Keep your word and no procrastinating – do what you say and act immediately
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that you are wrong or that you don’t know the answer(s)
  • Develop a desire to fix issues and work proactively to prevent issues from developing

Be honest with yourself about whether you truly are accountable – these behaviors can be learned.  Being accountable will reap rewards – you will earn the trust and respect of your co-workers, staff, management AND customers.

We at Turk’s feel our integrity is evident whether you have the answers or not.  Taking the lead and making ourselves accountable makes our job a lot easier.