The Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts

A person under the back of a car fixing it

Americans get involved in over 5 million auto accidents per year. This alarmingly high number includes everything from minor accidents to serious fatal ones and everything in between. While accidents are caused by any number of factors, there are certain parts of your vehicle that are almost guaranteed to be damaged. The most commonly damaged body parts in car accidents are:

Front & Rear Bumpers

Since most accidents involve at least one vehicle traveling forward, the front bumper is the first and most likely to receive the impact. Bumper damage can also come from scratches, dings, and dents from inattentive driving or even a rogue shopping cart. Like front bumpers, rear bumpers are often on the receiving end of damage. Rear bumpers get cracked, dented, and destroyed pretty often, either from a “fender bender” involving another vehicle or simply backing into a post, dumpster, or another parked vehicle.


If you’ve heard the term “fender bender” to describe a minor accident, it usually refers to a bumper-to-bumper collision rather than one that involves fenders. People often confuse bumpers and fenders, but they are different and serve separate purposes. Bumpers are on the front and rear of the car and are designed to protect it from impacts, while fenders are the frame of the wheel well and prevent tires from throwing dirt and debris at other vehicles and pedestrians. Like bumpers, fenders take the brunt of the damage during impact, and side collisions, particularly, tend to damage fenders.

Hood & Trunk Lid

A crumpled hood is familiar imagery for car accidents, and dents to the hood or trunk lid can be caused by hail or even stray golf balls. Although some owners may want to write off hood and trunk lid damage as cosmetic, it’s essential to have them repaired so they can latch appropriately shut. A hood or trunk lid that pops open while you’re driving is a surefire way to cause an accident.

Front and Rear Doors

Side impacts are the leading cause of door damage. Since modern car doors are designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision, many safety systems are in place. If any car doors are damaged, they should be replaced without question.

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