Tips For Driving In The Snow

Snowy weather on a sidewalk

For many people around the country, winter weather has started to hit, and with it comes the need for more cautious driving on the roads. Whether you’re new to driving, new to a region with chilly weather, or just need a refresher on some cold weather driving tips, Turk’s Collision Center is here to help.

  • Avoid Speeding: Whether you’re on your way to work or to pick up a child at school, take the time to leave early and drive at the posted speed limit or slower. Driving slower will give you more control of your vehicle no matter what the condition.
  • Think About Space: When driving on highways or more popular roads, always be aware of the space between you and other drivers. Compared to normal weather with good driving conditions, you should leave three times the room between you and the car in front of you in snowy conditions.
  • Clean it Off: Before heading off onto the roads, give yourself a little extra time to clean off your car. Make sure you not only scrape off the windows of your car, but your headlights and mirrors as well.
  • Know Your Brakes: It’s always important to have basic knowledge of your vehicle, especially in the winter. If you have anti-lock brakes, or ABS, and you need to reduce your speed suddenly, you can press hard on the brake pedal and your ABS brakes will be activated.
  • Keep it Moving: One common mistake drivers make is braking too suddenly, especially when keeping your car moving is the safer option. If you’re travelling up a hill, pick up a little more speed and travel up and over safely. Don’t try and pick up speed going up the hill in snowy conditions.
  • Stay in Control: When on the road during a snowstorm or snowy weather, never put your car in cruise control. This can increase the likelihood of an accident because you’re not on constant control of your car.
  • Stay Home: The number one piece of advice we have for you is to stay home. There’s nothing more unsafe than leaving your home if you don’t absolutely have to. This puts you in harms way when you could be at home safe and sound. If you know a snowstorm is on it’s way, be prepared and plan ahead when it comes to food and safety supplies.

In the event that you do get in an accident, Turk’s Collision Center is here for you. We can take your car in and make it look as good as new again. Give us a call today at (309) 694-2905, or visit our website.