Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car

A woman on the phone looking at a sratch on the back of a car

Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car

Little else irks the diligent car owner like a “small” scratch on their pride and joy. Trying to make it disappear with a cheap, store-bought solution can be tempting, but it rarely turns out as well as hoped.

To fix deep scratches on your car and restore it to its former glory, it is best to seek out experienced repair and bodywork shops. These professionals have the necessary knowledge and equipment to repair the damage properly. Avoid attempting to fix the scratches yourself or going to an inexperienced shop, as this can lead to further damage or subpar results.

If you’re tired of seeing those unsightly scratches on your car and are ready to give it the attention it deserves, then keep reading to learn what to do (and what not to do) from Illinois’ most advanced, well-equipped auto body repair shop, Turk’s Collision Center.

Dangers of Using a DIY Scratch Repair Kit

Improperly applied scratch removal kits may leave more damage than they solve — and they’re all too easy to misuse. Even when used correctly, they’ll permanently remove the factory clear coating, sometimes noticeably. At best, scratch repair kits produce subpar results, making you wish professionals did it after all.

As for how well DIY scratch repair kits fix deep scratches on a car, they’re totally insufficient. Some of the most common scratch repair products (and their drawbacks) include:

  • Rubbing compound. Users should be sure to remove only the smallest amount of over-coating possible but be forewarned that it can’t be replaced by any DIY measure. Also, rubbing compounds applied in a regular garage often seal in dirt and grime.
  • Glazing putty. While slightly more effective for deep scratches down to the metal, putty still requires altering the manufacturer’s overcoat and could require carefully buffing away excess material, risking a much wider area than being treated.
  • DIY painting. New paint will almost always be noticeably patchy unless conducted by an experienced bodywork technician with professional-grade tools.

DIY repair materials could cause further damage to your car’s exterior; no matter what, they often void warranties and preclude certain body-related insurance coverage in the future. For that matter, certain insurance policies may cover particular kinds of exterior work. Check with your provider to learn if you have scratch repairs or any other bodywork included in your policy.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Scratch Repair

So, how do you fix deep scratches on your car? Only a state-of-the-art body shop run by experienced professionals will have the knowledge, tools, and clean shop space to fill deep scratches with precision and care. Using an experienced repair and body work shop is the only way to guarantee that the touch-up paint used for the repair is expertly selected and applied for a seamless, imperceptible match.

Your preferred body and collision repair expert should also provide lengthy warranties and follow strict procedures to ensure maximum quality. Beyond their expected technical ability, you should also look for an auto body repair option that provides a complimentary shuttle and pick-up/delivery services.

Turk’s Collision Center: Your Go-To Choice for Scratch Repair

Our I-CAR Gold Status facility is an expansive 13,000 square feet and fully stocked with the industry’s most cutting-edge auto body repair tools. We’re fully staffed by A.S.E. certified technicians and CCC Pathways-certified estimators, ensuring your car is restored by nothing but the most competent hands, following our proprietary 27-point inspection checklist.

With a fast turnaround, we also make it as easy as possible for you, providing delivery/drop-off and shuttle services and direct billing for all insurance companies. Turk’s Collision Center is proud to be the leading body repair shop in Illinois, providing outstanding communication and service.

Turk’s Collision Center has an easy-access location on Main Street, and we also make rental cars available for your convenience.

Trust the Professionals at Turk’s Collision Center

If you’re struggling to find out where to go to fix a deep scratch on your car, look no further than Turk’s Collision Center. We’ve become East Peoria’s most state-of-the-art and customer-centered automotive collision and body repair experts. 

Call today for the most impeccable workmanship, technical knowledge, and customer-facing service, and schedule a consultation with the most trusted collision and body repair shop in Illinois.

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