Tips for Finding an Auto Body Shop to Repair Your Car

Very little disrupts your daily rhythm, like a sudden need for auto body repairs. Unlike engine or other strictly mechanical issues, you may be technically capable of using your car, but we advise treating body repairs as equally critical. You never know when seemingly small damage to the outside might indicate something more serious below the surface.

It shouldn’t require more work to find the right auto body shop than the level of value they provide. Having served East Peoria’s auto body repair needs for over two decades, Turk’s Collision Center has several choice insights about finding the best auto body shop services near you. Read on to learn more.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Body Shop

At Turk’s Collision, we place the strongest emphasis on industry expertise, and we make it easy for customers to vet our credentials. However, you can’t know what credentials to look for if you don’t know what they are first. Also, not every auto body shop is easy to learn about. 

The following are some of the most important considerations before entrusting your transportation to an auto body shop you’re unfamiliar with.


Make every effort to find a body repair specialist with a long history of service and success, and most of all, the success of their customers. Research the company’s customer feedback and industry credentials, and only settle for a company that’s demonstrated long-term technical proficiency and quality support services.

Technology & Operations

Be sure a prospective auto body shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, both for the repair work and the insurance billing process. In the car body repair industry, the latest technical advances are essential to secure lasting, visually imperceptible results and optimal results with the insurance company.

You can tell a lot about a shop by how organized its resources are. For comparison purposes, take the Turk’s Collision facility as a good model to go by:

  • 13,000 square foot facility
  • Extensive outdoor stalls and staging areas
  • 19 indoor working stalls
  • A comfortable guest area staffed by friendly and knowledgeable employees

Be sure the car body shop in question has the leading edge in auto body repair technology, such as Turk’s Collision exclusively uses:

  • Nova Verta paint prep station and paint baking booth
  • BASF paint system
  • Miller MIG Welders
  • (SPX) Robinair Cooltech A/C recycler
  • CAR-O-LINER computerized frame measuring system
  • CAR-O-LINER BENCHRACK 5000 frame machine
  • Pro Spot Spot Welders
  • Pro Spot Smart Mig Welders

Be sure that whatever frame machine your preferred shop uses functions with both unibody and full-framed vehicles because the right job depends on the right equipment.

Trade Expertise

You also need assurance that the car body repair shop is at the top of the industry. 

Turk’s Collision is consistently building our skills and knowledge base by staying up to date on our certifications and training, including:

  • I-CAR Gold Status
  • CCC Pathways certification

Customer Service and Communication

You can tell if a car body shop has your interests at heart from the beginning. As you converse with their support staff, don’t hesitate to ask questions about their services and capabilities. 

If they’re too busy to answer your questions patiently and openly, it should raise a red flag.

Research the shop online. 

What are customers saying? 

Does the company stand by its promises? 

Are there words of support from other local automotive specialists? 

Look for expert opinions and feedback from customers just like you.

The Turk’s Collision Advantage: Why Choose Us for Your Auto Body Repairs?

What we call the Turk’s Collision Advantage goes one step beyond, including several courtesy transportation options. 

We also invest in the fastest, most streamlined insurance approval and billing processes in the market, courtesy of our advanced industry certifications and positive relationships with the insurance companies that serve Illinois drivers.

In all ways, we continually shape our services with the customers’ best interests at heart. That means leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to present only the finest examples of auto body repair services by every possible standard.

Turk’s Collision Center for Exceptional Auto Body Repairs

Above all, if a shop is committed to quality service, and they hit all the marks above, it’s likely they’ll be quick to fulfill their promises.

Turk’s Collision Center fully stands by our services, and we never leave our customers without transportation or updates on their cars. 

If you’re looking for the best car body shop in Peoria or the greater Chicago area, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a fast and thorough appointment today.

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Damaged Frame? Here’s What To Do

Was it a small fender bender or the kind of low-speed collision that winds up worse than it seemed? It doesn’t take much to total a car, especially if the frame is involved. Fortunately, not all frame damage is beyond hope. In fact, a highly credentialed and experienced auto body repair shop, such as Turk’s Collision, can repair the most common types of frame damage typical of Chicagoland’s neighborhood commute speeds.

However, it still requires prompt attention to make sure minor frame defects don’t go from a body repair issue into a full-blown mechanical problem (or worse). Our body repair specialists are here with advice on the most common types of frame damage and what to do if you suspect it.

What Is Frame Damage on a Car?

Frame damage is any type of damage sustained by the car’s frame. Functionally speaking, we’re considering the chassis, or undercarriage, along with the frame, which is technically the structural body resting on top of the carriage.

When it comes to frame and/or carriage damage, cars can only withstand a very limited amount. It’s also hard to rule out every sign of frame damage, and any kind of impact can damage the frame, even at low speeds. The only way to know for sure is to look for the telltale signs and, above all, have it inspected.

How to Spot Signs of Car Frame Damage

The most direct way to spot frame damage is to visually inspect the frame, including attachment points with other components. However, a DIY inspection can really only reveal defects on the outer frame and along the lower plane (of the chassis). That may be sufficient, and it’s worth a look. You’ll still need to investigate further, even if you don’t see signs of bends, cracks, or asymmetry from below or around the frame’s outer surface.

Beyond the frame itself, there are several more subtle signs of a damaged frame, including:

  • Alignment problems, including uneven tire or suspension wear
  • Odd sounds that are difficult to place
  • Other seemingly random components falling out of place
  • Stuck or misaligned windows
  • Failing insulation, especially at the boundaries of the frame
  • Wheel rotation issues

It’s a lot to try to rule out yourself. You’re best off getting a professional inspection as soon as possible.

What to Do if Your Car Has Frame Damage

A frame and chassis are like their skeleton, so it’s very dangerous to continually drive with frame damage. Doing so can also significantly worsen the damage, even if it was initially very slight.

As soon as possible after the collision, get it to the nearest safe location. You’ll have to decide if a tow is in order, knowing that driving a potentially damaged frame increases the risk of further damage. The best thing to do is stop using it and arrange for a professional inspection.

If you don’t see a reason to suspect the need for auto mechanic work (e.g., engine, steering, or suspension issues), you can go directly to an auto body repair specialist. Turk’s Collision has ASE and other top industry certifications, so you’ll always receive accurate and actionable insights.

Our technicians can quickly confirm if you sustained one of the four types of frame damage on a car:

  1. Mash damage, in which one of the frame’s ends was compressed inward (typically after front- or rear-end collisions).
  2. Sway damage, where corner damage causes the frame to lean to one side.
  3. Sagging frame, when the frame literally sags inward or downward. There are usually telltale gaps along the frame/body connection.
  4. Twisted frame, which is a combination of sway damage and a sagging frame. This one is the hardest to detect without highly specialized equipment.

It’s entirely possible, though hardly the rule, that you should not repair frame damage. Our experienced technicians will provide a fully qualified assessment of how severe the damage is and whether the frame and/or chassis are beyond the threshold of safe repair.

Get Your Vehicle Back on the Road with Turk’s Collision Auto Body Services

Frame damage requires highly custom body shop service because each car’s frame and chassis are fundamentally different. Don’t delay and risk further damage, especially when most low-speed collisions do not result in irreversible damage. Call Turk’s Collision for attentive, professional service and answers to your frame damage questions. We provide direct, industry-approved insurance billing and shuttle/rental options, so you won’t even miss a beat.

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Repairing a Dent on Your Car

Getting a dent in your car is one of the most annoying experiences, especially when it is your newly purchased car or truck. Unfortunately, even for careful drivers, some instances, such as falling pine cones and wrongly parked cars, can result in a dent in your car. Luckily, professional dent repair services can help fix any dent on your vehicle, mainly when the dent is relatively extensive and deep.

At Turk’s Collision Center, we provide professional, timely, and reliable car dent repair services to ensure your car is dent-free and restored to its original state. Our highly trained and experienced technicians incorporate various solutions to fix your car’s dent hassle-free.

Common Car Dent Problems

Vehicle dents can be caused by various elements, from being dinged by runaway shopping carts to debris on the road or hitting other vehicles. Depending on the scope of the damage, car dents can result in several problems. With that, here are some problems caused by car dents:

  • Mask Serious Damage: Deep dents may result in chips and scratches, which can cause extensive damage to the vehicle. Minor collisions can also result in dents of serious nature that impact the metal exterior, impairing the car’s structural integrity.
  • Paint Damage: Dents with scratches often require a repaint job to fix the dent and restore the damaged section. However, ignoring such dents can cause further damage to the paint, causing flaking and peeling.
  • Chipped Dents and Rust: Scratched or chipped dents can allow water to infiltrate the metal panel, causing the metal to oxidize and rust over time. When the rust spreads, it can result in costly repairs.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective dent repair method used to restore a vehicle’s body to manufacturer-recommended standards without paint. It is used to fix dings and dents in vehicles, including creases and hail damage. Unlike other dent repair options, PDR excludes in-depth bodywork, enhances vehicle value retention, and provides greater convenience.

The PDR process includes pushing the indented metal into shape while maintaining the manufacturer’s paint. A qualified technician assesses the damaged area before using specialized tools to fix the dent. The tools help restore the dent progressively until it disappears.

Can PDR Fix My Dent?

Generally, PDR is used to restore a vehicle’s body, provided the paint remains intact without chips and scratches. In addition, the dent should not be too extensive and deep, as PDR often fixes minor dents with a diameter of between 3-5 inches. 

At Turk’s Collision Center, we can fix your car dent through our paintless dent repair method, buffing the body to remove the scrapes and scratches.

Keep in mind that several factors determine whether a car qualifies for paintless dent repair. The magnitude of the impact is one of the factors – huge impacts often lead to huge dents and paint removal, but a minor impact may cause only a small imperfection without removing your car paint. Another factor is the location of the dent – if the dent is located on the door edges or hood, paintless dent repair might not produce satisfactory results. 

DIY Vs. Professional Dent Repair

While most vehicle owners choose a professional dent repair when fixing dents on their dents, some may consider DIY methods. Whether considering the DIY dent repair approach or taking your vehicle to a repair shop, here are the benefits of professional dent repair over DIY.

Benefits of Professional Dent Repair

  • Guaranteed personal safety
  • Save time and money
  • Guaranteed results
  • Avoid further damages
  • Adequate experience in fixing dents
  • Use of appropriate tools
  • Ability to obtain exclusive warranties

Professional dent repair allows experts to use specialized tools and techniques that can achieve the best results while ensuring the safety of the surrounding paint. Additionally, they are experienced in repairing all types of dents and collisions, making high-quality repairs that last longer than DIY procedures, which may not always be as accurate or effective. Professional technicians also provide fast turnaround times, so there is minimal disruption for you. Professional dent repair offers superior results delivered with speed and accuracy that is simply not achievable with a DIY approach.

Professional Dent Repair from the Pros at Turk’s Collision Center

If you have a small or minor dent, it can be fixed using paintless dent repair, restoring the vehicle’s body to its original appearance. On the other hand, extensively chipped or scratched dents may require specialized methods to fix and repaint dents. At Turk’s Collision Center, we provide a range of tailored car dent repair options, ensuring we fix your vehicle’s dent in a timely manner. 

For more information regarding our dent repair services in Illinois, contact us to learn more today.

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Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car

Removing Deep Scratches From Your Car

Little else irks the diligent car owner like a “small” scratch on their pride and joy. Trying to make it disappear with a cheap, store-bought solution can be tempting, but it rarely turns out as well as hoped.

To fix deep scratches on your car and restore it to its former glory, it is best to seek out experienced repair and bodywork shops. These professionals have the necessary knowledge and equipment to repair the damage properly. Avoid attempting to fix the scratches yourself or going to an inexperienced shop, as this can lead to further damage or subpar results.

If you’re tired of seeing those unsightly scratches on your car and are ready to give it the attention it deserves, then keep reading to learn what to do (and what not to do) from Illinois’ most advanced, well-equipped auto body repair shop, Turk’s Collision Center.

Dangers of Using a DIY Scratch Repair Kit

Improperly applied scratch removal kits may leave more damage than they solve — and they’re all too easy to misuse. Even when used correctly, they’ll permanently remove the factory clear coating, sometimes noticeably. At best, scratch repair kits produce subpar results, making you wish professionals did it after all.

As for how well DIY scratch repair kits fix deep scratches on a car, they’re totally insufficient. Some of the most common scratch repair products (and their drawbacks) include:

  • Rubbing compound. Users should be sure to remove only the smallest amount of over-coating possible but be forewarned that it can’t be replaced by any DIY measure. Also, rubbing compounds applied in a regular garage often seal in dirt and grime.
  • Glazing putty. While slightly more effective for deep scratches down to the metal, putty still requires altering the manufacturer’s overcoat and could require carefully buffing away excess material, risking a much wider area than being treated.
  • DIY painting. New paint will almost always be noticeably patchy unless conducted by an experienced bodywork technician with professional-grade tools.

DIY repair materials could cause further damage to your car’s exterior; no matter what, they often void warranties and preclude certain body-related insurance coverage in the future. For that matter, certain insurance policies may cover particular kinds of exterior work. Check with your provider to learn if you have scratch repairs or any other bodywork included in your policy.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Scratch Repair

So, how do you fix deep scratches on your car? Only a state-of-the-art body shop run by experienced professionals will have the knowledge, tools, and clean shop space to fill deep scratches with precision and care. Using an experienced repair and body work shop is the only way to guarantee that the touch-up paint used for the repair is expertly selected and applied for a seamless, imperceptible match.

Your preferred body and collision repair expert should also provide lengthy warranties and follow strict procedures to ensure maximum quality. Beyond their expected technical ability, you should also look for an auto body repair option that provides a complimentary shuttle and pick-up/delivery services.

Turk’s Collision Center: Your Go-To Choice for Scratch Repair

Our I-CAR Gold Status facility is an expansive 13,000 square feet and fully stocked with the industry’s most cutting-edge auto body repair tools. We’re fully staffed by A.S.E. certified technicians and CCC Pathways-certified estimators, ensuring your car is restored by nothing but the most competent hands, following our proprietary 27-point inspection checklist.

With a fast turnaround, we also make it as easy as possible for you, providing delivery/drop-off and shuttle services and direct billing for all insurance companies. Turk’s Collision Center is proud to be the leading body repair shop in Illinois, providing outstanding communication and service.

Turk’s Collision Center has an easy-access location on Main Street, and we also make rental cars available for your convenience.

Trust the Professionals at Turk’s Collision Center

If you’re struggling to find out where to go to fix a deep scratch on your car, look no further than Turk’s Collision Center. We’ve become East Peoria’s most state-of-the-art and customer-centered automotive collision and body repair experts. 

Call today for the most impeccable workmanship, technical knowledge, and customer-facing service, and schedule a consultation with the most trusted collision and body repair shop in Illinois.

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