What to Do After a Car Accident?

An accident between two cars and one person out of their car

When disaster strikes and a dreaded situation occurs, how do you think you will react? You’d like to think that you’ll handle crisis, injury, and other serious ailments as calmly as possible. But often, panic and chaos take control when the unexpected and tragic happens. It’s understandable—when life doesn’t go according to plan, our instinct is to become emotional and practically unhinged.

One dangerous event that certainly no one wants to be a part of is a car accident. No matter how minor or serious an accident may be, staying calm is crucial. And while “planning ahead” for something like this is unreasonable, especially because we hope you never encounter this, it never hurts to be prepared if the unexpected happens.

Here are a few things that you can be doing immediately after a car accident:

Get to a Safe Area as Soon as Possible

If you aren’t seriously injured and if it is appropriate to do so, immediately move to an area out of harm’s way, such as the shoulder of the road. If you can’t move your car, simply flip your vehicle’s hazard lights on to indicate your situation to other drivers.

Get Out of your Car

When your car is no longer moving and the engine is off, carefully exit the vehicle. It’s also recommended to use flare or similar road safety items if you have access to them.

Call the Police

The police should always be present immediately after an accident takes place, no minor how minor that accident may appear. Make sure they are aware of the accident so that a proper incident report may be filed both with them and your car insurance company. It is their job to judge the events and collect information on who is at fault.

Collect Information

Try to write down as much information as possible after your accident, including the names of the driver and passengers of the other vehicles, insurance information, license plate numbers, and makes and models of the vehicles involved. It’s also important to note the location of the accident and contact information of eyewitnesses.

While a car accident is something you certainly don’t plan for, it is beneficial to understand what needs to be done if this unfortunate incident happens to you. Trust your friends and experts at Turk’s Collision Center to keep you driving as safely as possible. And if an accident does unfortunately happen to you or someone you know, trust that we are always here to help you get through it. Call us today at 309) 928-7310 or pay us a visit at 3200 N. Main Street in the heart of East Peoria, IL.